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Pulse Cinemas has been pushing the boundaries of distribution and marketing
since its conception in 2003, constantly thinking outside the box to encourage
growth, not only as a company, but also keeping a focus on the whole industry,
aiming to educate consumers and professionals alike.

We offer the following:

Pulse Cinemas has chosen a portfolio of exclusive, non-conflicting brands – focussing on home cinema and custom install products, and recently digital media data storage. All of our brands have been carefully chosen over the years to fit perfectly together, with ease-of-install, reliability, quality, value and compatibility all deciding factors. We have an excellent reputation around the world for developing and growing brands, spending as much time on service, education and support as sales. Our staff are not only specially chosen for their experience and knowledge, but also their positive attitude and willingness to help.

Pulse Cinemas hosts training events for the industry professionals: ISF video calibration, HAA room acoustics and calibration courses help to make sure systems are correctly configured each and every time.

Pulse Cinemas has its own Technical Team that can offer full support across the range of products – phone, email and even on-site support where needed. For our data storage servers, we are always on point with solutions, and in cases of hard drive failures, we trust Hard Drive Recovery Associates to fully recover customer data. This way, no matter the product's problems, you are covered. The first time a dealer purchases a product from Pulse, a member of the Technical Team will be available to guide the dealer through the installation of the product, ensuring that they are fully confident in future custom installs.

We offer help to our dealers who need it – making sure that every one of our products is installed successfully and the client is more than satisfied. We take part in initial site surveys as technical back up for the dealer, produce detailed technical drawings, and even generate 3D drawings of the proposed system. This all helps our dealers to close the sale, maintain profit margin as products are correctly specified, and takes the stress out of the installation and calibration as we are there to help.


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Pulse Book

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The Essential Guide to Pulse Cinemas

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Get to know the people behind the scenes. We are a group of
hard working, experienced and passionate professionals.

  • Mike Beatty

    Managing Director
  • Kapes Patel

    Technical Director
  • Andy Jones

    Director of Sales
  • Charlie McClarron

    UK Sales Manager
  • Simon Schino

    Account Manager
  • Michaele Ford

  • Chris Branford

    Sales Administration
  • Oliver Deakin-Faux

    Sales Administration
  • Simon Gibbs

    Technical Support
  • Mark Pitts

    Technical Support
  • Emma Haley

    Finance Manager
  • Carla Miller

    Office Manager
  • Derek Jones

    Facilities Manager
  • David Crozier

    Cinema Sound Consultant

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